Post by: Matt C
Feb 23, 2020

Sorry to inform all of use but there was an error with skyblock to where plants where
not growing and tree leaves where not going away which force players to cut them down
the hard way also this made me erase the server files for skyblock which means
everyone has to start over i know some of use work hard on your skyblock and could
not get that time back and thats where i am sorry but things like this happens and
use now can go bak on and remember to have fun and enjoy. also some good new i have
fix the server message of the day which means befor you long on to there server look
as your server list yeaaaaaaa.


Post by: Matt C
Feb 05, 2020

Sorry that i have not been posting updates lately due to being in the Hospital. I had an
Double Hurnia and need to have an emergency surgery then after that i have gotten a cold
and then i got a tooth pull so not a good way to start 2020 off lol but nether the less
On with the news we have brought back our casino's and yes you can gamble away with
IGN (In-Game Currency) yeaaaa hope use love playing in our casinos

More to come stay tuned.

Bug's !

Post by: Matt C
Dec 14, 2019

Hello to all. We have been hard at work in fixing bugs on are web-site thanks to comments like for
an example our nav bar not being mobile-friendly. This took time but we got it now u can use your
Phone for an easier experience also we have updated our live page and soon we will be going live
@ http://www.ocraftvr.com/live We hope use enjoy your stay here and remember to have fun.

More to come stay tuned.

What's New !

Post by: Matt C
Nov 30, 2019

Hello and welcome. To those who are new here at ocraftvr Welcome. We have been working hard in redesigning
are Web-Site from ground up also we now a have a new PTGI (Path Tracing Global illumination) map. we hope all of
use will enjoy your stay here at ocraftvr here are a list of things that are new.

1. New/Redesign Web-site.
2. We have brought back factions plugin.
3. We now a have a new PTGI (Path Tracing Global illumination)map.

More to come stay tuned.

Spigot Version

Post by: Matt C
Oct 31, 2019

Well its been a while but we did it after so many request from all of use. We are now on Spigot server
1.14.4 with updated Plugins. Also we have put a acd (Anti Chest Detector) plugin to keep the server clean
we value our player base and try to keep the server fare and freindly thank you for reading this and
remember to hit that like button.

Stay tuned for more info.


Post by: Matt C
Sept 08, 2019

Wish to be part of our community and want to apply. We are now looking for staff if you wish
to apply click here to apply.

Stay tuned for more info.